SHARE Newsletter--Inspiration Of A Cancer Survivor-Mrs. Sompit Jongmeesuk Sep.2018

2020-04-21 19:53:32


Cancer Therapy with ‘Yod-Ying Protocol’ under BVRC

Symptoms & progress of dis-ease prior to The Yod-Ying Protocol

The hospital suggested Mrs. Sompit for end-of-life care. She was taken home, bed-ridden, totally dependent on a care-taker. She could not feed or go to the toilet by herself. There was total loss of strength on top of complete hair loss.

Initial symptoms during The Yod-Ying Protocol

After 7 days of medicinals intakes, Mrs. Sompit could sit up on her bed with help. Then she progressively was able to move by herself along the months, from sitting on a bed-toilet-bowl by herself to getting off bed and slowly being able to walk without help.

During the course, Mrs. Sompit reported an episode of vomiting out the medicinals due to numerous capsules per intake. She used to be depressed and nearly gave up because of that. Initial her appetite was not good at all. But she put out all her efforts to eat and it was much better from a stage of being unable to eat at all prior to this.

She progressively improved, like climbing up the stairs. Her strength returned after about 1 full year. She could perform normal daily activities from going to the toilet to cooking. Her weight slowly regained. Mrs. Sompit was able to return to work after one and a half year.


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