BVRC Background Founder & Establishment

2020-04-21 20:58:46


Dr. Yod-Ying Dhebtaranon

      Dr. Yod-Ying Dhebtaranon (1945-2017) was a renown national figure of his deep knowledge in advanced sciences and of his contribution made to the country together with the health and healing of its people. As a multi-graduate, his professional background spanned over a number of sophisticated sciences acquired from all around the globe, namely, advanced cellular physiology, advanced human immunology, biochemistry and phytochemistry, as well as different disciplines of phyto-medicine. He was an exceptionally intelligent scientist and clinician with more than 40 years of experiences in the fields of life sciences and new-age medicine. Dr. Yod-Ying was an exceedingly devoted nobleman throughout his professional life, with a number of federal recognitions of his honourable work results.

       From his outstanding intelligence and enduring devotion, he was awarded the Thailand’s Best Researcher Award, at a rather young professional age in 1980. Later on, his works became more intensively focused to relief human illnesses and suffering, more so during the final 2 decades of his life. In 2010, from his profound dedication and a great sense of humility over his remarkable accomplishments, he was granted an entitlement of The Virtuous Man of The Land. Nevertheless, among these and a few other reputable remarks, Dr. Yod-Ying took no notice to the honoraries. Rather he continued focusing on his phenomenal tasks solely to keep helping people.

       Dr. Yod-Ying’s hard works had been cultivated and developed extensively into fruitful discoveries to help treat various diseases which were once pronounced incurable. These had helped patients from mild to end-stage diseases of the rich and poor alike. Within his lifetime his works had saved lives of dying patients from cancers, kidney failure, HIV and severe lethal infections as well as debilitating chronic diseases. Among his team of professionals, he had taught a number of scientists and medical doctors.

       Out of his astounding research discoveries and development, Dr. Yod-Ying chose to spend his final years in plain modesty, over fame. Took off quietly on March 7, 2017, Dr. Yod-Ying’s soul will live within his works which are to carry on to as much as his wishes to continue the most efficacious medical development. His endeavour will remain, to the extent of his wholehearted effort and dedication to persevere in relieving the sufferings of mankind.

His Passion for The Health & Healing of Mankind

       Dr. Yod-Ying spent the final few decades of his precious life in profound investigations, under one goal: to help relief sufferings of mankind from incurable diseases. With extensive backgrounds in life sciences and medical innovation, Dr. Yod-Ying founded The Bacteria & Virus Research Center (BVRC) in 1993, as an independent non-profit organisation, situated in Mahachai town, Samutsakorn province, Thailand. Despite the fact that the original establishment of BVRC was initiated for research of agriculture interest, Dr. Yod-Ying knew it could contribute so much more than that. For nearly 25 years, his works had served as the relief of lethal dis-eases of mankind and offered so much better quality of life of frail patients.

       BVRC as an organisation was constituted not merely as an institution, or just a research center. On the other hand, it all grew out of a gigantic heart of one man to really help people. It started when Dr. Yod-Ying knew in his mind that he had a mission to accomplish, to truly relief human sufferings from incurable illnesses. As a remarkably intelligent scientist and clinician, he emphasised the utmost importance of not only medicinal efficacy but also its safety. Consequently, as opposed to utilising harmful synthetic drugs from technology advancements, his in-depth investigations resulted in discoveries of innovative productions of medicinal extracts from natural provisions of the earth, yielding the very safe and effective forms of high-potency medicines. Dr. Yod-Ying not only utilised the sophisticated scientific knowledge to produce high-potency medicinals, but he also initiated a holistic approach, incorporating frontiers of functional medicine and new-age medical immunology in his successful treatment regime. He implemented his own intelligently developed protocols to effectively tackle the aforementioned dis-eases in a way that medical history had not yet recorded every before. His protocols answered his lifetime quests: to help patients to be void of harmful drug side effects and gain genuine health and healing, to have a better quality of life out of debilitating diseases, and oftentimes to offer a cure to lethal illnesses.

       Dr. Yod-Ying continually assisted patients under his research centre for a number of years while the needs continued on growing. He expanded his investigations to truly benefit mankind by establishing BVRC Medical Clinic in 2011. The clinic embraced several modalities of medicines, from both the allopathic approach and the alternative therapies. As a founder and director of BVRC, Dr. Yod-Ying also implicated the significance of BVRC in a healing sense of the clinic to be 'Body-Vitality-Relief-Care' and commanded that any approaches implemented be genuinely beneficial to patients to relief their sufferings and to boost vitality to create better quality of life of patients. As a consequence, in order to cater growing needs of the safe-yet-effective medicinals, a small scale industry has been put in place within his family business to produce medicinal extracts under international standards of cGMP and HACCP, a factory of which also served as his base for further laboratory investigations.

       In 2012 Dr. Yod-Ying initiated the formal gatherings of health and medical professionals from national level to discuss pro’s and con’s of current medical and health systems and to find improvements to further help patients in suffering. He wished that patients have access and are aware of the more approaches to diseases available to them. And that the medical societies be more opened to educate both themselves and the public of such modalities and open up more access to patients. Dr. Yod-Ying prompted that an Innovative & Integrative Medical Association (Thailand) to be established in order to provide a national-level stage for medical & health professionals as well as experts in different areas to receive and share knowledge from allopathic, alternative and complementary practices, to raise the new-age medical awareness and spread useful practices to further help patients.

      In his seventies, Dr. Yod-Ying still carried on taking consults very compassionately for his patients, all without charge, up until the very last days of his breaths. He emphasised that BVRC, as a non-profit organisation, carry on utilising his research discoveries to provide guidance, support and treatment for patients in suffering, using high-potency extracts solely from natural sources with innovative technologies for the highest safety and efficacy.

      Altogether, medicinal remedies and protocols developed by Dr. Yod-Ying have proved to be safe and effective against various fatality, for a number of years. To a large extent, with his research, development and production of medicinal remedies, BVRC has profoundly served and relieved sufferings for a great number of patients with once pronounced terminally ill; of which many have regained strength and vitality and still live a healthy life until present days.