Virtues Inspired
1-2-3 Virtues Inspired Realize few of the most merciful moral guidance by notable men before us. Ones who led a life well-lived, highly-valued for the benefits of others. The virtues of which we pledge here at BVRC Functional Wellness.
SHARE Newsletter - Chronic (Healing) Wound - Dec2019
Old Story…Re-Learn SHARE Newsletter on “Chronic (Healing) Wound” Dec, 2019 with parts sharing about the ‘risks of using antibiotics’.
SHARE Newsletter - Inspiration Of A Kidney Failure Survivor Wisarn Wongsawang - Oct2019
Entering Therapy With: Kidney Failure
Therapeutic Oral Supplementation of Active Magnesium: Immunotherapy Case Series Under The Yod-Ying Protocols
Can J Biomed Res & Tech Vol:1, Issue:4, June 2019
An Innovative and Integrative Approach to Restorative Therapy for Chronic Kidney Diseases and Renal Failure: A Case Report
Biomed J Sci & Tech Res Volume 3- Issue 1: 2018
Yod-Ying Protocol Kidney Therapy
Yod-Ying Protocol for Kidney Therapy-Life-Saving Approach
Yod-Ying Protocol Oral Chelation
An alternative, complementing approach to safe chelation. Yod-Ying Protocol Oral Chelation
Yod-Ying Protocol Bio-Marker Peptides
Yod-Ying Protocol for Bio-Marker Peptides-An Innovative Cell Therapy &Tissue Repair
SHARE Newsletter-Inspiration Of A Cancer Survivor Master Anugoonpisarngit - Aug.2019
Entering Therapy With: Liver cancer with underlying viral hepatitis B & metabolic syndrome
SHARE Newsletter - Inspiration Of A Cancer Survivor Mr. Winai Nilniwate - Apr.2019
Entering Therapy With: Gallbladder cancer with pancreatic & intestinal metastases
SHARE Newsletter - Inspiration Of A Cancer Survivor Ms. Siyapat Waleerojanakun - Nov.2018
Entering Therapy With: Stage 3 Breast Cancer: Invasive Ductal Carcinoma
SHARE Newsletter--Inspiration Of A Cancer Survivor-Mrs. Sompit Jongmeesuk Sep.2018
Entering Therapy With: Cancer of lymph nodes, with rib bone metastasis
A simply explained knowledge & application, to benefit us all mankind By Dr. Pilant Anantaranonkun
“Surviving Pandemic Fatality”
Re-Defining Happiness & Success
All of us dream of being successful, one way or the other. But how many of us actually realize what a true success actually means? Wealth? Fame? Power? Pride? What about radiating happiness in all we do and in who we are?
Polluted Dust...From Us or Who?
Many people say that the 'talk of the town: polluted dust PM 2.5' is fading away and is not in trend anymore. But in reality, is the dust really fading away? And where exactly has it gone to?
Academic sharing on Integrative Medicines, March 2020
Academic sharing on Integrative Medicines: integrating advanced medical sciences and alternative Dr. Pilant’s invited lectures, March 2020 - Keynote Speeches at the 2 International Conferences: Nutraceuticals and Traditional & Alternative Medicine, Rome, Italy - A Special Lecture at Lyon Neuroscience Research Center, University of Lyon, France
1th Enzyme Therapy Workshop
งานอบรมเชิงปฏิบัติการ การแพทย์ผสมผสาน ประจำปี 2562 เรื่อง เอนไซม์บำบัด รุ่นที่ 1 (1th Enzyme Therapy Workshop) 13-15 พฤศจิกายน 2562
Pre-Opening: BVRC Functional Wellness, Hua-Hin
Join us on our special event! Only November 9, 2019 13:00 “The Clinic” Tour: Earth building for sustainable future & our health 13:30-16:00 Open for complimentary check-up & brief consult
Join us on very special “unlock” event!
Open door! BVRC functional wellness, Hua Hin 5 December 2019
Vision & Mission
With an indigenous curiosity to help find effective treatment for infection in agriculture manipulation, Dr. Yod-Ying passionately found cures to life-threatening ailments for humans. Be that as it may, he still emphasised the importance of safety in human application: to 'First, Do No Harm'.
BVRC Background Founder & Establishment
Dr. Yod-Ying Dhebtaranon (1945-2017) was a renown national figure of his deep knowledge in advanced sciences and of his contribution made to the country together with the health and healing of its people.