Yod-Ying Protocol Oral Chelation

2020-04-21 19:51:04


Magnesium is the only mineral chosen for Yod-Ying Protocol chelating products due to its 2 main attributes: 1)highly special chemical properties and 2)exceptionally vital biochemical functions. Among various known EDTA's used in chelation therapy, for instance, Sodium-EDTA, Calcium EDTA, Zinc EDTA, and Manganese EDTA, the Edatamyl Magnesium is the most outstanding. Not only that Magnesium is very reactive in chelating heavy metals but it also exhibits vital biochemical functions, when compared to other minerals. However, industrial production of Magnesium EDTA is still very limited due to required laboratory processes and ultra high temperatures. Thus making it less known and not yet extensively researched.


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