Therapeutic Oral Supplementation of Active Magnesium: Immunotherapy Case Series Under The Yod-Ying Protocols

2020-04-21 19:48:49



Magnesium is an essential mineral with ubiquitous roles within the human body ranging from being cofactor for hundreds of enzymes to assisting nervous and immune functions. Magnesium is evidently becoming more depleted in soils, thus making it deficient in most of the food chains. Magnesium supplementation becomes a necessary means of supplying this nutrient to the body of both the healthy and the ill. Forms of magnesium supplement and specific intake requirements play a crucial role in making it bioavailable. To implement immunotherapy protocols having effectively magnesium functioning in the body, patient’s participation is important in helping to make medicine effective by following strictly the intake recommendations. This case series reported raised serum magnesium level after short duration of supplementation starting from 30 days of as low as a single capsule of active magnesium per day, with requirements of intake timings to assist magnesium ions being released, absorbed and utilized.


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