Re-Defining Happiness & Success

2020-06-19 00:38:13


All of us dream of being successful, one way or the other. But how many of us actually realize what a true success actually means? Wealth? Fame? Power? Pride? What about radiating happiness in all we do and in who we are?

Imagine we have all the huge numbers in our bank accounts, several attendants surrounding us, even an authority to change orders in our society. But we are unable to close our eyes at night with a sense of contentment and peace with ourselves? Then we absolutely do not need this kind of ‘fraud success’ to begin with. Inner happiness is not only part of being successful at any stage of career and life, it is essentially the

without being a happy person first and for all. Happiness gives us a lot of positive energy to conquer challenges, stumbles, and falls on the roadway towards success.


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