Polluted Dust...From Us or Who?

2020-06-23 18:52:41


Many people say that the 'talk of the town: polluted dust PM 2.5' is fading away and is not in trend anymore. But in reality, is the dust really fading away? And where exactly has it gone to?

BVRC Functional Wellness, as an organisation for wellness and integrative medicine, cannot simply ignore the importance of sharing knowledge on how to be responsible for our long-term health. Regardless of how out-of-trend the news or how clearer the sky has become, pollution has not gone anywhere far. It still remains harmful to us for so long as we do not stop creating it by ourselves. From our first moment rising in the morning until the end of the night retiring we all create environmental burdens everyday. Whether we are city residence or living further out, we each contribute a little bit all the time. So then, where would pollution go?