Vision & Mission

2020-04-21 21:40:55


From Curiosity to Cure

With an indigenous curiosity to help find effective treatment for infection in agriculture manipulation, Dr. Yod-Ying passionately found cures to life-threatening ailments for humans. Be that as it may, he still emphasised the importance of safety in human application: to 'First, Do No Harm'. As a result, the super-vaccines derived are in the form of immuno-modulating oral application, with absolutely no unwanted side effects. It is well known within large-scale pharmaceutical industries of its effective application to regulate the patient’s own immune system to ward off diseases and return to normal physiological functions. Dr. Yod-Ying started applying this astonishing discovery to treat Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), quite successfully as it saved and extended many lives of his patients. He then expanded to other infections, yet did not stop only there. The ADS themselves had extended to treat a few other lethal diseases like hyperglycaemia, hyperlipidaemia and cancers.

The passion to help relief human dis-eases and suffering continually gained. Dr. Yod-Ying devoted the remaining of his life under a vision to do the impossible: to cure the incurable.

His Medicinals Into The Yod-Ying Protocol


Later into his profound investigations Dr. Yod-Ying carried on with the same methodological principles to produce ADS for malignant cells i.e. cancers and other detrimental substances like sugar and lipid molecules. To a large extent, ADS formed a group of highly effective immuno-therapeutic medicinals used to prevent and treat a number of diseases without harm. Such diseases are, for instances, HIV, colds and flu, bird flu, bacterial and fungal infections, hyperglycaemia, hyperlipidaemia, obesity, and cancers.


As a distinctly ingenious phytochemist, Dr. Yod-Ying commanded that a large part of medicines be extracted from valuable medicinal plants. He knew that phytochemicals are very potent, yet they are not as harmful particularly when compared to synthetic chemicals of the allopathy mostly used in the era of modern medicine. Phytochemicals from various medicinal plants were being studied and extracted to treat variety of illnesses. They offer a very safe yet effective therapeutic outcomes in preventing and treating diseases, and supporting as well as rejuvenating for the optimal bodily functions.

From 1997 onwards, and more intensively so from 2001, BVRC further focused on in-depth phytochemical investigation in order to study therapeutic properties of medicinal plants to augment the first remedial substances of ADS. Medicinal plants under BVRC research are mainly based on Oriental Medicines. Of which are not only from Thailand, but also those highly valuable plants from around the globe especially the rich medicinal land of China and a few other areas with precious healing herbs.

Dr. Yod-Ying intensively studied and developed plant extracts, once and for all, he emphasised the utmost importance of patient safety. Unlike the downfall reputation of traditional herbal usage with common ineffectiveness or toxic accumulation, Dr. Yod-Ying implemented innovative extraction technologies. Such innovation and integration of the natural wisdoms and scientific advancement gave rise to high-potency phytochemicals with precious medicinal values, while discarding harmful constituents. These remedies are produced with a well tested and proved method for their safety and efficacy. The medicinal extracts are safe even with a long-term intake, which is required in cases of chronic illnesses and fatality-prone such as cancers. The phytochemicals used in BVRC deliver highly therapeutic outcomes for nearly 2 decades. They have been utilised therapeutically for ailments such as inflammatory diseases, autoimmunity, hormonal dys-regulation, diabetes, kidney disorders, and different types and stages of cancers.

Bio-Marker Peptides

BVRC started research on biomarkers in 1999. Biomarkers are protein portion found in every cell type, functioning as key to genetic controls in living organisms. This knowledge provides basis for treatment of cellular regeneration, thus, organ repair. There were medical attempts since 1990’s for such advancement. Extensively, stem cells were chosen for this purpose. However, despite its success in numeral cases, stem cells treatment were questioned for its safety and actual reparative outcomes, up until present days.

Dr. Yod-Ying thus initiated a further therapeutic approach, again emphasising the utmost importance of safety and efficacy. Stem cells are potent cells which are thought to carry an ability to grow into any cell types hypothetically, thus including malignant cells. As an inventive immunologist, Dr. Yod-Ying instead directed towards a more accurately destined molecule which is predetermined to grow into very specific tissues: the biomarkers. Biomarkers are fundamental bio-molecular substance which literally determine fates of DNA, RNA and all genetic controls. Nowadays, scientific advancement pays more attention to biomarkers over stem cells due to the fact that these molecules are found in all cell types and potentially capable of repairing injurious tissues, very specifically. BVRC has brought biomarker peptides into treatments of degenerative diseases effectively and safely for over a decade. Diseases benefiting from biomarkers are, for instances, neurodegenerative disorders, spinal injury, kidney insufficiency, pancreatic malfunction and various other tissue and organ reparative regimen.